Shoes - The real support to your Bodies Health!

Sue Meredith

Shoes - The real support to your Bodies Health!

You have to have good athletic shoes to support your activity. Did you know there are many different models for each activity. If you are running only there is a shoe, if you are doing boot camps there is a different shoe, if you stand all day - yes, a different shoe. Each of these will have different flexibilities, supports, cushioning and stabilizers. Who knew! Each brand / model of shoe will correct if you pronate or supinate when you walk and run. I went to see my good friends at Foot Solutions in Estero, Fl. to see what they could do for me. I found out that when I walk and run, I step with the outside of my heel and roll to the inside towards the big toe. They had shoes to correct this! I can also still wear my arch supports in my shoes to assist with previous heel spurs. I really suggest you go to a professional runners shop to have them evaluate your walking and running form to be sure you get the exact shoe for you.

 Shoes not meant for your feet can cause foot, ankle, knee, hip, back and even shoulder issues.

Think of it this way.... if you foot is rolling to the outside edge when you walk and run, you are actually twisting the ankle which causes a odd angle on the knee and hip joint so it can't track in a straight line. This can cause sore hip joints and may make one hip sit higher than the other. Guess where this goes? To the spine and causing lower back pain and a curve laterally that can "pinch" or irritate the sciatic nerve in one side or the other just above the booty cheeks. The curving of spine can cause shoulder irritation, neck pain or headaches!

surprisedWOW! All this just from incorrect shoe support. Many issues can be corrected by just getting fitted with the correct shoes by a running specialist. Your local department stores most likely do not have this experience. They just want the sale, not your comfort.

 Remember, let your shoes be the support to your new Healthy Fit Lifestyle. Your body will love you!


Talk you soon.


Coach Sue Meredith

Susan Meredith Fitness Enterprises


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